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Happy Birthday Daniel Conner Mauser!

June 25, 1983 / April 20, 1999

Daniel Mauser was a Sophomore who excelled in math and science, and got straight ‘A’s on his last report card. His dad, Tom Mauser, remembered his son as a smart young man who wasn’t afraid of challenges and who wasn’t ashamed to hug his parents.

Daniel was shy but he didn’t let that stop him from joining the debate team and though he wasn’t a natural athlete, he still joined the cross-country team. He liked to ski, camp and recently returned from a two-week trip to Paris with the French club. 

Daniel is described by his family as a shy, gentle soul; lovable and loving. He was close friends with his sister Christine. Daniel liked pepperoni pizza, playing video and computer games, and watching shows like the Simpsons and the X-Files. Daniel was fond of trivia and knowledge games, as well as swimming and hiking. His father had hoped that in the summer of 1999 to take Daniel on his first 14,000 mountain hike.

Daniel volunteered at the Swedish Hospital and he was preparing for Confirmation in the Catholic Church. He would have been Confirmed at St. Frances Cabrini Church two weeks after the date of his death. 

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